About Us

Good photographs are made, not taken. Whether you need a photographer for a business portrait, corporate event, family sitting, or wedding, I will capture your unique personality by connecting with you through the lens.

Fifteen years ago I completed my Commercial Photography certificate at Sheridan College in Oakville. Since then I have completed numerous workshops and seminars to further develop my artisitic and technical skills and stay up to date with the latest trends in photography. I have received many photographic awards throughout my career and I will continue to create great images.

My client base includes local families, small and medium businesses, large enterprises and government officials through the Oakville Chamber of Commerce. Recent clients have had portrait sittings to update their images on Facebook, Linkedin and for a positive presentation for online dating.

Great photography requires a connection between photographer and client. A portrait sitting will take as long as needed to put you in your comfort zone so that I can create the image that you will love.

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